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At Integrity Outdoor Innovations, we take pride in creating landscapes that stand the test of time. Let us be your partner in achieving the lush, green lawn you've always dreamed of. Contact us today to discuss your new lawn installation and witness the transformation of your outdoor space.


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Integrity Logo

New Lawn Installation

Our process starts with a pre grade of the subsoil, followed by using a power rake to loosen and prepare soil and a landscape rake to remove debris from the property. We then spread topsoil upon request and do a finish grade to prepare for lawn installation.

Drainage Work

Addressing drainage issues is crucial for preserving the integrity of your property. Our team is skilled in implementing effective drainage solutions to prevent water-related problems and ensure optimal land conditions.

Land Clearing

Whether preparing a site for construction or enhancing the aesthetics of your property, our land clearing services are comprehensive. We handle the removal of trees, vegetation, and debris, leaving you with a clean slate for your project.

Sprinkler Systems

Experience the convenience of automated sprinkler systems – a time-saving and water-efficient solution for maintaining the vibrancy of your property, especially during dry summer months. At Integrity Landscaping, we bring you advanced technology that not only keeps your landscape looking its best but also provides easy control right from your phone.

Mulch Installation

Enhance the visual appeal of your landscape while providing essential benefits to soil health through our professional mulch installation services.

Brush Hogging

Taming unruly vegetation is made easy with our brush hogging services. Our team utilizes advanced equipment to clear and maintain large areas efficiently, ensuring a polished and well-kept appearance.


Lawn Installation Options

Kentucky Bluegrass Sod 

Experience an instantly beautiful lawn with our Kentucky Bluegrass Sod, allowing your new grass to take root within 2-3 weeks.



Opt for a quick and cost-effective solution with our Hydroseed option, delivering excellent results in just 4-8 weeks.

Spanning across Northeast Ohio, our design representatives will meet with you to establish expectations for your landscape. A Budget will be established as desired materials and plants can vary in cost.


Our design process is in depth and detailed to help give clarity as to what you are receiving

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