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At Integrity Outdoor Innovations, our mission is to bring the joy of the outdoors to life through a commitment to excellence, passion, and personalized service.
Our mission goes beyond landscaping; it's about building lasting relationships with our clients. At Integrity, we collaborate with you to design and cultivate outdoor spaces that bring joy to your family and friends for years to come. Join us on this exciting journey, where our passion meets your vision, and together, we transform your outdoor space into something truly extraordinary.

Integrity Logo White
Integrity Logo White
Integrity Logo White
Integrity Logo White

Who We Are

Fueling his passion for the great outdoors, Dan embarked on a journey at the age of 16 when he joined a local golf course. For three years throughout high school, he dedicated himself to maintaining the pristine condition of the golf course. During this time, members noticed his skills and began approaching him to handle landscaping projects on their properties.


Post high school, he explored various career paths, delving into engineering and working as an automotive technician. However, Dan couldn't shake off the yearning to be outdoors. Even as he juggled side projects and found himself increasingly busy, the pull of nature persisted. In the summer of 2020, he took the plunge and officially registered his own business, determined to turn hispassion into a livelihood.


What We Do

Commencing with humble tasks like lawn mowing and mulch spreading, we gradually expanded into more intricate hardscape projects. The business flourished, and to broaden our scope, Dan joined forces with Chad. Drawing on his extensive background in construction, we began offering a diverse range of services, including pool installations, outdoor structures, kitchens, and fireplaces.


Our commitment to growth and a relentless pursuit of creativity define our journey. Today, we find ourselves steadily expanding, seeking to carve a unique identity. Every project is an opportunity to infuse our distinctive spin and creativity, ensuring that no two endeavors are alike.



Driven by my passion for the outdoors, I embarked on a journey to establish my presence by pursuing what I love most—immersing myself in God's creation while creating inviting spaces for our clients to do the same. Our journey began with humble tasks like mowing lawns and basic landscape maintenance, gradually transforming into the creation of small patios and eventually expanding into the realm of elaborate outdoor living spaces. By merging my creativity with the visions of our clients, I am enthusiastic about the prospect of designing and building spaces that turn dreams into reality.


My expertise in construction spans various domains, starting with framing homes, progressing to remodeling, and culminating in the construction of fully customized homes. Through these experiences, I have discovered that the most fulfilling aspect lies in transforming nothing into something beautiful. Focused on the joy it brings, I have honed my skills specifically in building outdoor living spaces. My goal is to bring happiness to our clients, their families, and friends by creating spaces that enhance their outdoor experience.

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